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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

We have been working on our online tools to help you learn languages remotely.

So here is how it all works...

1) Virtual Class vs. Fac to Face Class

If you enrol to an "online only" class, then your class will always be in our virtual centre.

If you enrol as a private student, you will have the choice between fac to face, online or a mix.

If you enrol to a "face to face" class, then your class will be face to face by default, UNLESS exceptional circumstances (such as the COVID19 pandemic) make us transfer to th virtual centre for health and safety reasons.


At this stage, under level 3, we leave it to the individual to choose whether they would like to physically attend the classes at the centre (or at Toowoomba Anglican School) or join us online, live.

Should you wish to join online, you need to email Gwen at least 24 hours before your lesson. She will then open your online classroom and communicate your link and the option to all the class members.

2) Google Classroom

Google Classroom has been in use for a few of our classes for the past 12 months already. If it is new for your class, here is how it works:

-you should have received an email invitation from Gwen or your teacher - you will need to follow that link (you might need a Google operated email account)

-on your Google Classroom, your teacher will keep a class journal of what has been done during the class and may add extra material for your information (eg: links to news articles, videos, list of films to watch, etc)

Google Classroom is also a private forum for you and your classmates - you can ask questions, change ideas, etc. It's like a class journal - a written trace of what has been done and a platform to exchange about the language.

If you haven't, yet, received your invitation, talk to your teacher or ask Gwen.

3) Live online classes

Your live online class is a webconference-like app, on our own platform. Our platform has been created specifically for language teaching. We do not use Zoom nor Skype as we have found something better.

Your class will happen live on the same day/time as planned, but instead of coming to class physically, you can hop online to a dedicated space.

You will find all our classroom list on our Bonjour Toowoomba Virtual Centre, accessible on this link directly or from our Home Page - yellow button "VIRTUAL CLASSROOMS".

You can watch a video on how to find your online classroom here.

This will open a new page with a list of online class rooms in chronological order.

You will find: The name of the Teacher, the language, the level, the day and time.

You can choose to add the link to your calendar to get a reminder, or to enter the class (the button turns green 10 mins before the start of the class).

At the day and time of your class, you will be able to "Enter class" via the green button (available 10 minutes before the official start of the class".

Here is a video on entering the classroom and using the classroom tools.


-we recommend that you use a laptop (although it also works with a smart phon and a table if needed)

-we recommend that you use the latest version of Google Chrome (although it works with most of the other browsers available on the market)

-we recommend that you use headphones that also have a microphone and sit in a quiet place

-you can also plug in your webcam or deactivate it

You then access the test page and have to follow the prompts:

After that you will get the camera and sound test page: choose your camera?microphone, tick all the boxes:

You will then be invited to join the class:

Arriving on your class page you will have an option to turn your microphone off and camera off. Your teacher might ask you to do so at some point.

The whiteboard are will allow everyone to collaborate and keep a trace while the chat area allows to communicate faster.


Should you have any issue and need to discuss options, please contact us ASAP.

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