Maribel - Spanish Teacher

Hello Maribel, which language are you teaching at Bonjour Toowoomba?

I am teaching Spanish language.

How do you organise your classes?

I basically ask for any suggestions my students may have before starting the term and what they expect to learn in class. According to their needs, I prepare my classes with conversations to speak this new language. I try to help my students gain confidence. After every lesson I explain the grammar side, which is important to know, to clarifies any possible doubts.

What’s your best language learning tip?

Become a Spanish speaker since the first day of class, which means, reading basic books, singing shorts songs, trying to translate everything, download applications in Spanish, follow the Google classrooms and turn the mobile phone into Spanish if possible.

Why do you like working at Bonjour Toowoomba?

Bonjour is a great place to learn and teach because it is a calm and fun school without loosing professionalism in teaching. Once I go to Bonjour, I unplug from my day for an hour and enjoy teaching the Spanish lessons. Basically the teaching method varies according to the students' needs. Every class can be different and to see how the student progress is great.

Could you share some information about your country?

Peru is a beautiful country with a high level of history and culture because of the Inca Empire. It has one of the seven wonders named Machu Picchu. Besides this, Peru has beautiful beaches to enjoy surfing in the North and exciting places in the jungle such as the Amazone River. The Peruvian cuisine is delicious, specially ceviche and pisco sour.

Machu Pichu Peru - Bonjour Toowoomba

Do you have a funny story to share about you teaching?

The pronunciation in Spanish language is quite challenging for English speakers. Every time we practice the alphabet is a funny moment, specially with the R and J letters.

What’s your favorite expression in your language? Can you explain?

" ¡Qué loco! " means, "That's crazy!". I get impressed by everything easily, and I think this is the expression I use the most.

If you had to live on a desert island, what would you bring with you?

A piña colada, ceviche and good company.

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