La Petite Ecole - French Immersion

La Petite Ecole is the new part of our "Bilingual Children Program".

We start immersion classes when babies turn 6 months, with games, stories, and other activities, in multiple languages. Our first cohort of babies who started French is now turning 3 soon and we have reached the maximum we can teach them in the first part of the program. We already speak to them only in French and they are now able to respond in French in full sentences on a variety of subjects such as stories, games, food, spacial positions, occupation, plants and flowers, etc. When they do not know a word, they are able to ask us vocabulary, and all that happens in French.

So it is time for us to open the second part of our program, to keep giving these little students what they need to progress and develop their skills. It's also an answer to their longer focusing time and need for more complex activities.

This February, we will open "La Petite Ecole" long playgroup program.

Bonjour Toowoomba - French Immersion

Students: from 2/3 to 6 years

Students must be potty trained and autonomous to join the program.

Students must have received extensive exposure to the French language (kindy, language centre, home, etc) or be receptive to a trial session to book with us.

Minimum 4 students enrolled to maintain the program.

All enrolled students will be given a shelf to store their belongings that must include: a hat, sunscreen, a full change of clothes, a pair of indoor shoes, medication and care plan.


Mondays - During term time, closed on public holidays

From 9.00am to 1.00pm (short sessions) or 2.30pm (long sessions)


1 native French teacher and 1 native French teacher's assistant

First aid trained and recycled regularly, blue card holders

Program and food:

The program will be inspired by the "French maternelle" program. 1 main theme per term on a 3 year rotation.

Strong emphasis on French language skills (vocabulary development, full sentence creation, writing) as well as what is known in the French program as "Living together skills" - being aware of others, being respectful and caring, sharing, being polite, being gentle and inclusive in play, adopting planet friendly behaviours, etc.

We will also make sure that we put a strong emphasis on another pilar of the French program: food education. We will aim at constructing a reference around meals being a social time to enjoy the food, be present in the moment, enjoy each other's company, appreciate the flavours, tastes and colours of a balanced diet based on the food pyramid.

Activities will include: singing, daily routines, science experiments, gardening, free play, building activities, painting and other crafts, writing, cooking, board games, music, reading stories, etc.

Daily Routine:

9.00 to 9.30: Arrival, free play, stories

9.30 to 9.45: Morning rituals - hello, song, what's new, date

9.45 to 10.00: Morning tea - sharing, counting, talking about food

10.00 to 10.15: Language session - stories, vocab discovery and cards, on a given theme

10.15 to 11.15: workshop on the theme to encourage speaking French and learning other skills

11.15 to 11.45: break and free play - taking care of the garden

11.45 to 12.00: getting ready for lunch - washing hands, setting the table, sharing

12.00 to 12.30: lunch

12.30 to 12.45: story, afternoon rituals

12.45 to 13.15: free play and early pick-up

13.15 to 14.10: afternoon workshops on theme with older children

14.10 to 14.20: language session about the day

14.20 to 14.30: pick up

Bonjour Toowoomba - French Immersion

Morning tea:

Morning tea is a very important time in the French program, a time to learn about the food pyramid, balanced diets, a time to prepare food and drinks for others to learn to care and share, a time to be together.

Parents of enrolled children will be invited to take turns bringing morning tea for the whole group as per schedule established at the beginning of the term mentioning date and food group.

2 children will go with the assistant to prepare morning tea for everyone in the morning.

Bonjour Toowoomba - French Immersion


As part of food education, we will be having cooking workshops. Parents will be notified in advance not to bring a lunch box on these days as we will eat what we have prepared.

Lunch will be eaten around a table that has been carefully set with plates, glasses, transforming this time into an important time of the day.

Please prepare your children's lunch boxes with healthy food only (low salt, fat and sugar content). Lollies will only be accepted for birthday celebrations, as a treat to share with everyone.

Accepted drinks: unsweetened water, unsweetened herbal tea, unflavoured milk.

We are equipped with a fridge, an oven, a microwave and we are happy to store in the fridge and reheat food when needed if your child is used to a French-style lunch at home.

Enrolment and prices:

Enrolment and payment is to be made prior to the start of each term/year (non-refundable).

Prices below are based on the number of sessions per term.

Full year 2020 - 37 sessions

$2590 (long sessions) $2405 (short sessions)

Term 1, 2, 4 2020 - 9 sessions/term

$675 (long sessions) $630 (short sessions)

Term 3 2020 - 10 sessions

$750 (long sessions) $700 (short sessions)

Casual sessions*

$80 (long session) $75 (short session)

*priority is given to students who enrol for the term

For more information or to enrol your child, contact us.

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