La Petite École - French immersion playgroup

In May 2020, Bonjour Toowoomba launched La Petite École. Today was our last session of the term, and we are now preparing term 3 2020.

La Petite Ecole French Immersion Toowoomba

So what is La Petite École?

La Petite École is a long French immersion playgroup for children aged 2 to 6 years. Children attending the playgroup do not have to have a direct connection to the French language and/or culture. In fact, most of the little ones part of the group only speak English at home. For us, all that matters is that children want to come and play with us. French is the only language spoken while the children are around.

Bonjour Toowoomba has recruited and trained native French speaking education professionals with experience in youth education in France and the program is over seen by a former French "Éducation Nationale" teacher. We make sure we cater for children's needs and attention spans.

We follow a daily routine based on a French "maternelle" daily routine, with similar goals and skills to be developed.

9.00 am - arrival, free-play, toilet

9.15 am - morning rituals - Bonjour, date, temps, "Quoi de neuf?", story

9.30 am - speaking, commenting pictures from previous session

9.45 am - morning tea - shared morning tea and conversation

10.15am - toilet

10.30 am - activity on a theme to work on a skill and vocabulary

11.15 am - recess

11.45 am - toilet

12.00 pm - lunch - all together at the table, in plates

12.30 pm - free play - end of short session

1.00 pm - toilet

1.15 pm - afternoon rituals - songs, vocabulary, story

1.30 pm - afternoon activity on a theme to work on a skill

2.00 pm - recess

2.20 pm - story time

2.30 pm - Au revoir - end of long session

According to French culture and education, we make a point to include food and meals in our pedagogical project. Children learn about the food pyramid, balanced diet and they also learn to sit together at the table, take pleasure into setting the table for one another, sharing food, commenting food, eating, helping one another, etc.

This term, we have been working on "L'automne". Children have learnt a wide range of vocabulary about the season, forest animals, the weather, etc. They have learnt a few French songs, built bird feeders, created "hérisson"from dried tree leaves, made mothers' day cards and owls from their hand prints and feathers. After the 8th session they also all know how to set the table, they all enjoy bringing morning tea to share with their friends, they all automatically transfer the content of their lunch boxes into plates and (tentatively) use cutlery to eat after having wished everyone "Bon appétit". They can describe what they are eating in French, they ask others what they are having and if they are enjoying the taste of it.

Next term, we will be working on the human body. Our team has collected French books about going body parts, going to the doctor's clinic, being sick, getting better. We are also planning a lot of different activities on the subject - games, physical activity, manual art, etc.

Next term we will be operating Mondays and Thursdays. To enrol a child, you just need to contact us or hop onto our website > Classes > Group Classes > 2020 - La Petite École.

Between 8.30am and 9.00am we have "La Petite Garderie"- a free playgroup for children arriving before 9.00am. Only children attending La Petite École can attend La Petite Garderie.

Between 9.00am and 1.00pm we have "La Petite École"- the main session. Parents need to supply a lunch box, morning tea for all children on a rotation basis, a hat, a change of clothes for accidents and sunscreen.

Between 1.00pm and 2.30pm we have "La Petite Après-midi, for older children who stay for long sessions or older children joining us just for the afternoon. Note: $290 for the term for children joining just in the afternoon / $100 for children staying on after La Petite École.

If you still have questions, contact us.

You can also check our Facebook page: La Petite Ecole - Toowoomba. ---

We take a maximum of 8 children per group.

Term 3

Mondays - 4 spots left

Thursdays - 6 spots left

Children can attend one or two sessions per week.

Children can attend La Petite École and/or La Petite Après-midi.

Only children attending La Petite École can attend La Petite Garderie.

Children only attending La Petite Après-midi need to be at least 3 years old.


Would you like to open a La Petite École outside of Toowoomba? Contact us.

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