English Courses Term 2 2020

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

We are about to start our English Courses for the second term of 2020. You can now enrol online.

We have different programs, all featuring different goals. All our courses are taught by native English speakers and aim at developing English skills in all areas of the curriculum. As usual, our groups are kept small (maximum 8 students) to guarantee that each student has time to ask questions, participate, practice speaking and be corrected individually.

Read more to discover all our courses, click on the link to enrol online or contact us for more info or to enrol over the phone.

Private classes also available. Contact us for more info.


1) Our most intensive program - 25 hours/week

Classes will take place from Monday to Friday, for 8 weeks, a total of 200 hours of face to face classes with our teachers.


9am to 12pm for the morning sessions - Morning tea break from 10:20am to 10.325am

12pm to 1pm - lunch break

1pm to 3pm for the afternoon session - Coffee break from 1.55pm to 2.05pm

-Beginner level - the aim is to master level A1 in one term.

More info: https://www.bonjourtoowoomba.com/book-online/eng-beginner-25h-week-adults-1

-Intermediate to advanced level - the aim is to master level B1 in one term

More info: https://www.bonjourtoowoomba.com/book-online/eng-advanced-25h-week-adults-1

2) Beginner - Intensive - 6 hours/week

Classes will take place on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, for 8 weeks, a total of 96 hours of face to face classes with our teachers.


9am to 11am - Morning tea break from 9.55am to 10.05am

More info: https://www.bonjourtoowoomba.com/book-online/eng-beg1-1-intensive-adults

3) Regular programs

Our regular courses will fit most people who live in Australia, already have a good level of English, have busy lives but still want to improve their skills in English.

Based of the same program as all our other courses in foreign languages - 1 class/week for 8 weeks - 2 hours per session.

-Intermediate 1.1 - Start level A2

Evening class: https://www.bonjourtoowoomba.com/book-online/eng-int1-1-adults-thur-5-00pm-1

Day class: https://www.bonjourtoowoomba.com/book-online/eng-int1-1-adults-thur-9-00am-1

-Advanced 1.1 - Start level B1

Evening class: https://www.bonjourtoowoomba.com/book-online/eng-adv1-1-adults-wed-5-00pm

Day class: https://www.bonjourtoowoomba.com/book-online/eng-adv1-1-adults-fri-12-00pm

-Advanced 3.1 - Start level B2

Evening class: https://www.bonjourtoowoomba.com/book-online/eng-adv3-1-adults-wed-5-00pm

Day class: https://www.bonjourtoowoomba.com/book-online/eng-adv3-1-adults-tue-9-00am

-Expert 1.1 - Start level C1

Day class: https://www.bonjourtoowoomba.com/book-online/eng-exp1-1-adults-tue12-00pm

-Fluent 1.1 - C2 - Conversation only

Saturday class: https://www.bonjourtoowoomba.com/book-online/eng-flu1-1-adults-sat-10-00am

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