Easter Travel Language Classes - Offers

Easter is around the corner. Why not use this free time to improve your skills in a foreign language?

We have put together a 10-hour online live langage course with extra work and support on Google Classroom. All that, over the Easter week, available in diverse languages and at 3 different levels.

The best part of it? The discount!

Usually priced at $360/student but enrol before Friday 3/04/2020 and get $100 off per student!


Detail of courses, curriculum and levels below.


This list will be updated as we go. Find all courses on our website or contact us.

Discount codes:

-French - Beginner Traveller - afternoon classes - EASTER

-French - Beginner Traveller - evening classes - EASTER1

-German - Beginner Traveller - morning classes - EASTER3

-Japanese - Beginner Traveller - evening classes - EASTER4


The course will be given online (to comply with current government's regulation on social distancing). The group will use our virtual classrooms to get 1 hour to 2 hours of live, interactive language classes per day (total of 10 hours over 7 days) completed by activities on a dedicated Google Classroom space.

All material provided and included in the price.

To access the classes, you will need:

-a computer, or tablet

-an Internet connection

-a microphone, a webcam (optional)

You will receive:

-all learning material via Google Classroom access

-links to dedicated virtual classrooms with our live chat section, live conversation section and shared live whiteboard

Group size: 2 to 8 students maximum


3 Levels:

1 - Beginner Traveller

Introductions/Greetings/Politness rules Do you speak English? Slowly / Write down / Spell Where is / Where are + answers + basic travel vocabulary How much does it cost ? + answers + basic vocabulary What time is it? What time? + answers What date? + answers Ordering basic food and coffee Numbers to 60 Basic Prononciation rules/sounds

2 - World traveller

Basic conversation (name, nationality, job,family+questions) Understanding a menu / Ordering food and drinks / Paying Taking public transports Buying tickets to activities Hotel / Accommodation - booking/checkin / checkout /... Numbers to million

3 - Immersion traveller

Conversation: feelings and opinions Describing food/art/landscape Giving and understanding recommendations and advice Emergencies - help, pain, body parts These courses will also be offered later down the track in different format. We have seen interest in weekends - 2 hours per Saturday, which we could offer afterwards. These contents can be re-used, of course, for longer courses/workshops/etc.

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