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Adjusting to the context - Children sessions online

In the past few weeks we have had to adjust really quickly to face new restrictions and adjust to social distancing.

At this stage, we are teaching all our classes, workshops and events on our new online platform. All our teachers have trained themselves to adjust to the change and master the new tools offered by the online platform.

We had one remaining challenge: teaching our young ones via online platforms. The main challenge is to keep them engaged for the duration of the lesson. Our adjustments include new activities, new routines, a strong collaboration with parents to pick-up and distribute material.

So what can you expect during our online lessons?

1) Duration of the class

Some classes that used to be one hour, once a week, are now divided into 2 sessions of 30 minutes which are better suited to online lessons to keep children's attention.

2) Preparation of activities

When we have classes needing equipment of material (craft, cooking, etc), we prepare kits in advance for parents to pick-up in a self-serving pick up area at the centre prior to the class or we email a list of equipment in advance.

Easter Craft Workshops available - kits to be picked-up at the centre or list to b emailed to parents.

3) Strong routine

We have adjusted our sessions to be organised around a recognisable routine: Hello / song / counting / activity quiet / activity movement / story / song / goodbye.

This routine helps the young ones to focus on the lesson and recognise what is going on.

4) New caracters

Our teachers have been crafting hard, designing puppets to make the lessons more fun.

Our new characters coming to online French classes.

5) New activities and interactive whiteboard

Our platform includes webcams and an interactive whiteboard shared by all students. Students can all share the activity and see what one another is doing. Videos can be played on all screens at once, short cartoons, songs, etc.

Easter Craft workshop in process.


Available for children:

-Story time in various languages

-Crafts sessions in various languages

-Languages classes on various languages

See our website or contact us.


Frequently asked questions:

1) Do you have to be an enrolled Bonjour Toowoomba student to do a workshop?

No, workshops are open to everyone.

2) Do you have to be in Australia to log into a class?

No, you can log into our classes from anywhere in the world. We will send you a link valid across the planet.

3) What time zone do you operate in?

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

4) What currencies/payments do you accept?

Credit card: Australian dollars (Paypal / Square / B2BPay)

Direct deposit: Australian dollars / Euros / New-Zealand dollars (ask us for conversation and banking details)

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