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Classes for travellers - Term 2

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

"Language for travellers" are stand alone courses designed to change your experience when travelling to a foreign country.

Language for travellers - Bonjour Toowoomba - language Centre

These courses focus specifically on the skills, insights and knowledge travellers need:

-cultural dos and don'ts


-asking for help


-understanding directions

-eating out

-tourism vocabulary and advice

All our teachers are native speakers and can give you precious insight on the language, the culture, the country, the difference in accommodation, food, etc.

This knowledge will transform your travels, allowing you to step out of the beaten path and dive in the true culture of the country you visit.

To enrol, simply choose your course below and contact us or click on the "enrol here" link.

We need a minimum of 3 students per class to maintain a class and we take a maximum of 8 students - don't wait for too long, register your interest now.

Price: $340/student

Arabic - Monday 10.00am - Enrol here

French - Wednesday 6.00pm - Enrol here

German - Wednesday 6.30pm - Enrol here

Monday 3.00pm - Enrol here

Indonesian - Thursday 6.40pm - Enrol here

Italian - Tuesday 10.00am - Enrol here

Monday 6.00pm - Enrol here

Japanese - Wednesday 9.30am - Enrol here

Wednesday 7.10pm - Enrol here

Mandarin - Wednesday 11.00am - Enrol here

Spanish - Thursday 9.00am - Enrol now

Friday 5.00pm - Enrol now

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