Classes for Medical Professionals

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Language for Medical Professionals

At Bonjour Toowoomba we always try to listen to the needs in the community. A lot of our students who are doctors, nurses, practice managers, medical imagery technicians, etc, have been reporting difficulties in getting translators for travellers and migrants. This affects the quality of care they are able to deliver to patients in their daily practice.

Kurdish Kurmanji Medical Course

Our new course "Language Classes for Medical Professionals' is designed to cater for that need.

This course is a stand alone 8 week course. It is available in

Arabic, French and Kurdish Kurmanji in Term 1 2020 and in other languages upon request.

Who is it designed for?

Any heath care provider who deals with foreign language speakers in their medical practice - receptionists, nurses, doctors, practice managers, etc.

What does it include?

During this course, medical professionals will:

-gain some cultural insight (culture, history, stories, etc)

-learn some basic phrases and expressions they need in their daily practice - greetings, making an appointment, asking to wait, reassuring a patient, establishing contact and a relationship, giving basic instructions

-get a chance to ask questions and phrases that are directly relevant to their specific context,

-get a set of bilingual communication tools and learn how to use them (greetings, appointment, screening, medical history, instructions, etc).

Who is the teacher?

All our teachers are native teachers with experience in travelling, caring and translating. Our teachers for this particular course also have experience talking and working with people from different cultures who speak different languages and have developed strategies to communicate with people speaking different languages.

When are the classes?

We have 3 open group classes planned for Term 1 2020, and private (individual or group) classes can be planned directly with us (on our premises or yours).

Arabic - Wednesdays 6:10pm - Enrol here

French - Tuesdays 5:30pm - Enrol here

Kurdish Kurmanji - Tuesdays 5:30pm - Enrol here

What is the cost of the course?

The open group classes are $690/student.

For more info and cost of private courses, contact-us.

How to enrol?

We need a minimum of 3 students per class to maintain an open group class. Enrol ASAP to register your interest.

You can register online directly through the links above. Alternately, you can email us, call us or plan a meting with us.

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