International Quiz answers

If you are still wondering about the quiz' answers, here they are...

1) Capital of German: Berlin

2) Population of Japan: 120 million

3) 21 countries have Spanish as an official language across the world

4) The Eiffel Tower was built for the World Expo

5) Italy has 3 active volcanoes

6) People's Republic of China

7) French speaking countries: France, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, African countries...

8)Cherry blossom is the official flower of Japan

9)Angela Merkel, chancellor, is the leader of Germany

10) Mexico is the most visited latin country

11) The Japanese flag is red and white

12) Buena Onda = Good vibes! Cool!

13) Guten tag, halo, etc

14) Shukran شُكرا

15) The most popular sport in Japan is baseball.

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