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French revision sessions are open

The schedule for French revision sessions is now available.

You will find a list below.

The price per session is:

-pay by card or via Paypal: $17 for existing students / $22 for the general public

-pay direct deposit: $15 for existing students / $20 for the general public


You can enrol directly on our website:

Events > Choose your revision session > Register now > Get a ticket (existing student or general public) > Checkout > Fill in the form > Continue > Pay via "Paypal" ($17/$22) or Choose "Manual Payment" and you will receive an invoice for direct deposit ($15/$20) > Buy Now.

It's that easy.


Workshops available during the Easter break:

-Monday 1 April - 6pm to 7pm: Past tense (level beginner A1) - (Passé-composé) - conjugation and uses

-Monday 1 April - 7pm to 8pm: Basic conversation skills and vocabulary (level beginner A1) - role play with identity cards (name, nationality, job, family, dreams, etc)

-Wednesday 3 April - 6pm to 7pm: Past tenses (level Intermediate to Advanced A2 to B2) - Passé-composé and imparfait, when to use which tense and past tense text writing

-Wednesday 3 April - 7pm to 8pm: Conversation skills and vocabulary (level A2 to B1) - role play with identity cards: talk about your imaginary childhood and the incredible event that happened last week

-Tuesday 23 April - 6pm to 7pm: Present tense (level A1) - present tenses conjugation and uses with exceptions

-Tuesday 23 April - 7pm to 8pm: Directions and tourism - ask for informations/directions, understand the answers, basic tourism vocabulary around places

-Thursday 24 April - 6pm to 7pm: Imperative and conditional (level B1 and up) - impératif et conditionnel, conjugation and uses

-Thursday 24 April - 7pm to 8pm: Conversation skills - giving orders, advice, recommendations (level B1 and up)

Bonjour Toowoomba - Fun revisions

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