Tips To Learn a Language

Hello students!

Today we will be going through some helpful tips to learn/practice a language.

Tip 1: Study harder, not longer.

Studying a language more frequently for a shorter time can be more beneficial then studying infrequently for a longer length of time.

It is recommended that you practice everyday rather than once a week, as languages require repetition and consistent practice.

Tip 2: Learn to hear the language

It is not uncommon for languages to have a pattern of pronunciation. It is helpful to learn and take note of these patterns so that they can be noticed and used with more ease.

e.g.: in Spanish most feminin words end in « a » ; in French all future tenses include the sound « r » before the ending, etc.

Tip 3: Learn this useful sentence

In any language you are learning, it is useful to learn the sentence - « How do you say X?" . Students should learn this as early as possible and use it as often as they need to.

Tip 4: One-on-one tutoring

Group classes are a wonderful way to study a language both socially and studiously, however, it is suggested that one-on-one tutoring is the best, most efficient use of time.

Tip 5: Learning a new word

When you're learning a new language, you are constantly introduced to new terminology and more often than not, more than once in a single lesson. As stated before, languages require lots of repetition and so do these new words.

It is recommended that after learning any new terms in a language, that you practice it by using it either on its own or in a meaningful sentence. This is the best way to help keep them stick.

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