Meet Our Team - Petra, French Teacher

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Meet Petra, a French teacher, but not only. Petra also teaches Dutch and English.


Where were you born?


Singapore - Bonjour Toowoomba

In which countries have you lived?

Malaysia, Singapore, Holland, France, New Zealand, Australia

Malaysia - Bonjour Toowoomba

Which countries have you visited?

Thailand, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Finland

What languages do you speak?

Dutch/French/English fluent, some German and Spanish

Was it hard to learn new languages?

No, not really

Did you learn all the languages you speak the same way?

In essence, yes, every time my family moved to a different country, I had to learn the language by sitting in class, just listening....

Are you still learning a language, which on, why?

Not learning another language at the moment.

Why have you learnt a new language?

For my family, it was a need as we moved to different countries.

How has it impacted in your life?

For me, personally, it has opened up so many possibilities and has made meeting new people easy and more interesting.

What tools would you recommend to people learning this language (free/available online/…)?

Listening to the language as much as you can, like a total immersion....

What is the best part about living in a foreign country?

The exposure to different cultures, people, lifestyles...

What has been challenging?

The initial frustration of not being able to communicate in their language

Which part of your birth country (countries you have lived in extensively) do you recommend to visitors?

I spent a large part of my childhood in the Netherlands, so we mostly visited child-friendly activities. But most of Holland is interesting, both urban and rural settings.

Netherlands - Bonjour Toowoomba

As for France, I lived in the south-west, which is an viticultural area, so lots of vineyards and excellent food! Ah!, the food....

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