Meet our team - Franziska, German teacher

We have been asking a few questions to our International team members about their language skills and their countries.

Here are Franzi's answer, she is one of our German teachers.


Where were you born?


Which countries have you lived in?

Germany, USA, Spain, South Africa, Australia

Which countries have you visited?

New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia, Fiji, China, Singapore, UAE, USA, South Africa, Australia and a number of European countries.

What languages do you speak?

German = mother tongue, English = fluent, French = basics, Spanish = basics

Was it hard to learn new languages?

I don’t think it is hard to learn a language as long as you are motivated to learn it.

Did you learn all the languages you speak the same way?

es, I started learning it in school and continued studying at Uni.

Why have you learnt a new language?

It is nice to speak a different language and it opens up the opportunities in your life.

How has it impacted in your life?

Speaking other languages, I was given the opportunity to work and live in countries where they speak the different languages. I was able to experience different cultures, lifestyles and found good friends.

What tools would you recommend to people learning this language (free/available online/…)?

Learning German: I would suggest to download the LEO App to your phone - it is an online dictionary that provides certain expressions and helps you with pronunciation of words.

What is the best part about living in a foreign country?

Getting to know different people, different culture and exploring different places.

What has been challenging?

Dealing with different language slangs/accents. :)

Which part of your birth country (countries you have lived in extensively) do you recommend to visitors?

Berlin - it offers a lot about the German history and Second World War.

Munich - to have the real Oktoberfest experience.

Cologne - be part of the carnival season.

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