What’s Your Travel Style?

If you are planning a simple sojourn or extended travels to many destinations around the globe you are probably someone with a good sense of adventure to begin with, but what is your travel style?

Knowing your style can help you decide where to go and what to do to get the best from your holiday. Do you choose a destination with your head or with your heart? You could be a foodie, a romantic or a scholarly traveller, or one looking for something wild, sophisticated or celebratory.

Which one are you?

  • Traditional

  • Soloist

  • Foodie

  • Adventurer

  • Romantic

  • Explorer

  • Artsy

The Traditional Traveller

If you find travelling to a new destination without a plan highly stressful, or most of your travel is for business conferences or events, you are no doubt a traditional traveller.

You would probably love guided tours, travelling in small groups enjoying breath-taking landscapes and discovering the culture and traditions of places in the South of France or Spain. Traditional travellers often like to know a few words of the local language spoken in some of the places they’ll visit, so they often take a course before they leave or brush up on already learned languages.

The Soloist

Many travellers love to wander at their own pace, being a free spirit doing things that interest them. A small group tour would suit the solo traveller who also loves mingling with like-minded souls but is still able to go off on their own whenever they feel like it. They get the best of both worlds this way.

The Foodie

If first, you eat, then you do everything else, and if the idea of eating your way across Europe appeals then you're definitely a foodie traveller. Michelin star restaurants, best kept neighbourhood secrets, encounters with the best food producers, cooking classes with the best chefs, Bonjour Toowoomba Travel offers it all. You can join experienced tour leader Gwen on one of her organised adventures or let the team organise your tailored trip for you.

The Adventurer

If trekking, running, kayaking, biking, bridge jumping, white-water rafting, or rock climbing as part of a fully guided, full board trek sounds like you, then you are an adventure traveller. You could travel the world over and always find an adventure just around the corner. Fighting Fit Adventures will take you to your limits with their adventure leader James, their training coach Tess and psychologist Cara.

To remain safe, remember to see your travel health doctor well before you plan to leave to ensure you have the right vaccinations and advice.

The Romantic Dreamer

If you are planning a holiday as a honeymoon or to celebrate something special such as an engagement, an anniversary, a baby or the like, then Europe is the place to go - it’s for lovers. If you fantasise about waking up in an exotic city such as Venice, you are probably a romantic dreamer traveller. A visit to misty Scotland would suit your style.

The Explorer

You don’t mind getting lost or heading to a new city with your iPhone, some friends and no plans, then you are an explorer. Somewhere like London, where you can explore the museums to discover history and art would suit you, or Florence, Italy, for its stunningly beautiful architecture, art and history.

The Artsy Traveller

For the artsy traveller, a trip to Paris, rich in literary and art history, would be the perfect holiday. You can revel in Montmartre’s Bohemian streets, visit the Louvre and all the other wonderful places. India has a vibrant arts scene, from poetry and literature to ‘Bollywood’. You would also love trips in small tour groups to some of the historic towns in Australia to immerse yourself in the wonderful handmade arts and crafts on offer, including Aboriginal paintings.

Travel Advice: No matter what your travel personality is or where you are travelling to in the world, don’t forget to check with your travel health provider about vaccinations and travel health information, to keep you healthy and safe.

Happy travelling!

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