New Premises Needed

We are looking for new premises in Toowoomba.

Ideally our new premises will be located between East Street, Bridge Street, Mort Street and James Street.

We would need a few parking spots before 5:30pm (3 to 4) and more parking options after 5:30pm and until 8:30pm (15 to 20).

Bonjour Toowoomba - New Premises

For the premises we would require:

-floor to ceiling room divisions,

-natural day light in most of the rooms,

-a minimum of 5 rooms, more rooms are a plus,

-2 rooms with a minimum surface of 20 square meters,

-2 rooms with a minimum surface of 15 square meters,

-a minimum of one room with disable access,

-a kitchenette accessible by our team and students at all time,

-a child friendly outdoor area would be a plus (fence, shade).

We can consider cottages, houses, offices, shared offices, etc.

Should you have some space available, let us know.


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